Santa Clarita Upholstery Cleaning Service

Get Those Couch Cushions Deep Cleaned

What is the best way to have upholstery cleaned? The answer is pretty easy, just call us because we clean upholstery on a daily routine. Whether your couch, love seat, chairs, or other fabric covered furniture needs cleaning we are the ticket. Stains are no match for our professional cleaning equipment and techniques.
No doubt you want your furniture to look and feel as clean as possible. We can make the furniture look like new so you don’t have to spend money on a new furniture set even though the wife would probably like that. Can you really blame her? 

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FabricGuard stain repellent can easily be applied after we clean the upholstery. This will help prolong the life of the furniture upholstery and make your home cleaner and more comfortable. Please feel free to call us for more information.

​No matter what type of material is on your furniture we have cleaned it more times and we can remember.  So you don’t have to worry about whether or not the furniture will be clean enough when we are finished. It will be. We have the processes down flat and it is second nature for us to perform these kinds of tasks. Because we do it on a daily basis we are tuned in to what is needed to make the furniture look like new
Most fabrics are made of synthetic materials but that doesn’t mean that is all we know how to work on. What it means to you is we know what to do to get the job done right and how to make your upholstery and furniture look like new. Don’t use a company that is not familiar with the different materials and does not have a lot of experience. You would just set yourself up for a massive disappointment because the results will not meet your expectations.
When we finish cleaning your upholstery and furniture you will not have to wait long to use it again. Our technicians are skilled at using the right amount of cleaning agents and liquids so that the material is nearly dry when we are done. We do not over saturate the material and leave you with a soggy mess.
Some typical stains are oftentimes created by our furry friends, our pets. If your furniture has been stained by pet urine and now has a bad odor give us a call because we know what to do to fix this situation. Cleaning pet urine out of upholstery is something we can do easily and we can also remove any pet smell and odor. We use the proper enzymatic cleansers to neutralize the odor as well as remove any unsightly stains. It is very important to know what material or fabric we are working with because not all cleansers are appropriate for all materials. Don’t hire somebody who does not know what they are doing, hire us.
Not only can we clean your upholstery and fabrics to meet your exacting expectations but we can also provide surface treatments such as Scotchgard so that your fabrics and upholstery or stain repellent. These surface treatments make a huge difference and prolong the life of your furniture. Consider it more of an investment as opposed to an expense.
We have a number of choices when it comes to fabric protection. Please discuss with us your needs and expectations because we have materials that you may prefer when you know the difference between them.