Canyon Country, CA Carpet Cleaning - Keeping Carpets Fresh

​Living in the country doesn’t mean you have to live with dirty carpets and floors. Well, we know that Canyon Country California is really not living in the country but never the less when you need your carpets cleaned allow us to send a professional to take care of the job for you. 

Feeling fresh and clean is a joy that all of us can appreciate. No matter how hard we try, over time our floors and carpets get dirty and grimy. When the time comes for them to be cleaned we will be there as soon as you give us a call. There is no need to live with stains and spots in your carpet when we have the equipment, the knowledge and the materials to remove carpet stains.

​With our affordable rates you can enjoy the benefits of a clean fresh smell, a bright and clean look and your nose will appreciate the aroma of clean and disinfected.

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Some facts and information about Canyon Country California.

Canyon Country resides north of the San Fernando Valley and it can be accessed a number of different ways. On the west side of Santa Clarita is New Hall Pass along Interstate 5. It’s also possible to get there through the Santa Susana and the San Gabriel Mountains although that’s a lot harder. Canyon Country is near the upper watershed of the Santa Clara River in the foothills of the Sierra pelona Mountains.

The history of Canyon Country includes a people known as the Tataviam who called Canyon Country home for at least 500 years. But as was common in Southern California with the Spanish invasion things changed significantly. Canyon Country became grazing lands for cattle as part of the Mission San Fernando del rey de Espana around 1790. After independence from Mexico in 1834 it became part of Rancho San Francisco as a land grant which was located at the junction of Castaic Creek and Santa Clara River.

A familiar name to Santa Clarita Valley is Henry Newhall, and in the 1880s the ranch became part of the Newhall Ranch Empire. This was the predecessor to the Newhall Land and farming company. In the 1960s the Newhall Land Company developed canyon country and the surrounding towns focusing on city life and residential living.

Many famous personalities have called Canyon Country home. Show business people such as Cliff Stone of Hometown Jamboree as well as Gene Vincent and the Hall of Fame guitarist Bill Aken called Canyon Country home.  The beautiful actress Linda gray as well as Del Shannon the rock and roll personality have also lived there.

The modern television shows on ABC, Wipeout, Winter Wipeout and Spring Wipeout are all filmed in Canyon Country. Along with this the movie “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” used a house known and The Crandell Family.  As part of Los Angeles it is no wonder that so many recognizable things are here.

Along with its neighbors of Valencia, Newhall and Saugus, Canyon Country was incorporated into Santa Clarita in 1987.

The Placerita Canyon Nature Center also resides in Canyon Country California. Not only this but the original gold discovery occurred here in 1842 at what is called the historic “Oak of the Golden Dream.” the Placerita Canyon Nature Center is in an east-west running canyon  where the soul resides. The Walker cabin which was built by Frank Walker in 1920 is also a landmark there.

The Walker family sold this property to the State of California in 1950. They have done a great job keeping things natural and preserved for their children and future children to enjoy. Currently the Nature Center building is open and was renovated in 2009 using standards developed by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This was a first of its kind in the County Park system.