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When it comes to carpet cleaning don’t be fooled by the often used term “steam cleaning.” Steam is really hot, which I am sure you figured out as a child and remember that day easily if you are like me. Most carpet is made of plastic fibers and plastic can only resist so much heat.
The most often used carpet cleaning process is hot water extraction. It is really hot water that is used as opposed to steam when it comes to cleaning carpets. 

Hot water extraction is the cleaning method most often recommended by carpet manufacturers. Their engineering teams have done extensive testing on their carpet materials and found this method produces the best results.

We want the best results for you. We follow all the best practices for cleaning. We have spent the time and money to find the best machines and cleaning agents so you will have superior results.

​We want you to see results with your eyes, feel the difference under your feet and smell the freshness of a well done job our cleaning crew will provide to you

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Wine stains and blood stains are the worst. It always seems like a red stain happens on a white fabric or carpet doesn’t it? Just like the buttered side of the bread always lands on the floor it seems that way when a stain appears on your carpet or upholstery. Well have no fear because these kinds of stains happen way more often than you would think and they come out. All you need to do is hire a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company to come out and take care of this nasty stain.

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Frequently asked questions on carpet cleaning.
What type of cleaning agents should be used on carpet?
In general for synthetic carpets made from plastics such as nylon, polypropylene (olefin) and polyesters an alkaline solution can be used to pretreat the carpet.  Synthetic materials, and particularly olefins, have an affinity to hold stains that are oil based. The alkaline solution will help to break the adhesion of the oily components on the carpet fibers.
For natural materials such as wool an acidic pretreatment is preferred. In both cases we take great care to make sure the pH levels are optimum when we are done. On wool carpets this step really makes them soft and your feet will be happy we came.
With the soil loosened significantly from the pretreatment and and agitation through the use of a pile rake, the hot water extraction process will more easily and effectively remove the grime. Hot water is a very effective solvent cleaning agent. It is also natural which everyone, including us likes. When using hot water we optimize the temperature and quantity to get the very best cleaning results possible.
Will the carpet be wet after you clean it?
When we use the extraction method we optimize the amount and time and quantity of solution for the pretreatment as well as for the extraction process. The carpets will be slightly damp when we finish but they will not be wet. They feel dry to the touch and will be completely dry in hours. Raking the carpet with a pile rake will make the carpet stand proud.
How does your service compare to DIY carpet cleaning?
Well it is possible to rent a carpet cleaning machine at Home Depot or Lowes. These machines are not as powerful as our truck mounted and commercial wheeled units so they don’t extract the water as well. Another problem with them is the typical do it yourselfer does not have a lot of experience in carpet cleaning and may put too much or too little water on the carpet. Often they leave the carpet too wet so it takes a long time to dry.
We get quite a few calls to come out and redo DIY carpet cleaning jobs.
How can I prolong the life of my carpet?
The best thing to do is vacuum regularly and clean as needed. Also, it almost goes without saying that taking care to not track in soil and grime from outside will greatly help. If you can take the Japanese approach and remove your shoes your carpets will stay much cleaner and last longer.
Are Groupon coupons and specials advertised on places like Yelp for real?
They can be, but usually they are a loss leader. Like many things in life we often get what we pay for. Any company must make enough to cover all the current expenses and save for future expenses such as new equipment. Any company can charge less but in time they will go out of business. So what happens is they do a poor job quickly if they can’t up-sell you. True value comes from realistic pricing and skilled, high quality work.

Can you apply Scotchgard stain repellent?
Yes. We can apply stain repellents including Scotchgard.  We have other solutions for soil and stain protective treatments.  Give us a call to discuss the different stain guards that are available. Some are more “green” than others and we can help you select what is right for you and your family.