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Santa Clarita carpet cleaning services is our specialty. How to get your carpets cleaned so they are nice enough to lay your baby on without any worries or concerns? At a great price, the highest quality and great quote also, with fast quote responds, as requested! Hire a reputable, of course, that would be us, we offer a  service that stands behind their with the guarantee of a clean and affordable services for every customer. Make sure they have the best cleaning equipment and training so they get the best results, and a good  Santa Clarita valley website to help clients. A poor workman blames his tools but our skilled technicians know how to milk the best from the best cleaning equipment available, which of course we use. Our service to you is a top priority. Everything we touch is cleaned as good as it can be, every time and so you leave us a great review. We provide the best in class service.

Who wants to have to do cleaning service over, we sure don’t and neither do you. We want your good reviews based on a great offer, website and services in the valley! After our quote responses are requested, we make sure it is cleaned right the first time, quality. As you read our website please be sure when we finish your carpet services, your family can relax on a spotless, cleaned, and fresh floor, as you requested. We offer you a spottles home in the valley, a great place to be.

When your children can lay on the squeaky clean rugs, carpets, and floors, you can relax knowing they aren’t rolling around in the last year’s dirt, grime, and who knows what else. When we have done the services you need and request your family isn’t breathing in dust mites, unknown critters, and allergens and your floor is odor-free, clean, and fresh smelling. When you see your child lying and relaxing on a fresh clean floor we provide, you can relax too. And our quote matches our price!

We de-grime grout. We rub wood flooring the right way so it has that warm, natural glow. We make your floors even more at home just as you requested. We make your life feel good. Our upholstery work is first-rate. We protect your family from allergens and bacteria by completely disinfecting your flooring surfaces. (We are the supermen of cleaners, the guardians of your galactic home, the, just checking to see if you read this far, Ha)

There is no need to live with dirty rugs or tile when it is so easy to restore them to a like-new condition with our quality and affordable floor cleaning rates and services. Reviews we receive must be top-notch because we did it right.

We are always requested to bring the green  to your Valley home so you know you aren’t breathing bad stuff, you know, the bad chem. Your home is a haven, we understand, we live in one too and we aim to make yours better than new. Our company and services has all the best floor chem and cleaning supplies and products available. Our cleaners clean like a steam roller and bring that dream floor back to life and leave it dry when done. Our services include a powerful hot water extraction process, almost no water remains so it is virtually dry when we leave. We can also provide chem dry service so there is no residual water, even so, attorneys will believe! We all this at a price that makes sense and leaving positive reviews on yelp etc. does also.

Do you have pets? Have they done what pets do on your beautiful carpet and upholstery? If they could talk they would probably tell us they are sorry. We can undo the doo-doo the dog gone dog done gone and did. (Say that three times!) Has your cool cat done a cat spray? Pet urine stains smell bad. Sometimes only your nose knows of the pet odor because the pet soiled when you were gone.

With our quality spot spraying services treatment guided by black lights, we can find the dog gone spots that dog put on your fine carpet. We can trace where that bad cat sprayed. When we find it we treat it so it is new, sanitized, dry and odor-free. This is what a professional Santa Clarita carpet cleaning company does on every job.


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Water Damage Restoration
Water damage can quickly produce a very unhealthy environment. It’s important to remove the water as fast as possible if you have had a water leak. Mold and bacteria can grow quickly and become a health hazard if not addressed immediately, and this could involve attorneys. Not only that but the water can begin to wick up the drywall causing even more problems. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the baseboards and use fans to dry out the water damaged areas.

The sooner the water is removed the less the chance for mold and bacteria to grow and the possible need for attorneys. If you have a water leak that has saturated the carpet call us as soon as possible. We are kings of exxtreeme carpet chem and will get it done right.

We can use our powerful cleaning methods using water extraction equipment to remove any water. Once we remove the water we can treat the exxtreme carpet also to remove any water stains. We will use our professional cleaning equipment to extract the water so that you don’t have wet carpets and pads. So if you have had flooding on your carpet call us ASAP to remove the water.

How to remove urine odor from carpet?
Pet urine and even human urine can be removed from the carpet. Not only does it produce an unhealthy environment if it’s not treated and removed but it produces a very bad pet odor for your home. We can remove the damage done from urine on your carpet with our cleaning methods and professional strength treatments.

We use commercial grade enzyme-based cleaning products to remove any stains and eliminate the pet urine odor at their source. The enzymes are a natural source of odor removal for urine. They do not simply mask the odor with perfume or air freshener. 

Not only does pet odor offend the nose but it can produce an unhealthy environment for you, your family, and your clients. Harmful bacteria can grow in the fibers and padding. This can produce airborne contaminants right in your home or business which you are breathing in. Let us treat the carpet to remove pet odors. We appreciate you visiting our website today.

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