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How to clean carpets and rugs so they are clean enough to lay your baby on without any worries or concerns? At a great price also! Hire a reputable, of course that would be us, a carpet cleaning company who stands behind their carpet cleaning service with the guarantee of a clean and affordable carpet cleaner service for every customer. Make sure they have the best carpet cleaning equipment and training so they get the best results. A poor workman blames his tools but our skilled technicians know how to milk the best from the best cleaning equipment available, which of course we use. Everything we touch is cleaned as good as it can be, every time.

Who wants to have to do it over, we sure don’t and neither do you. We make sure it is cleaned right the first time. When we finish, your family can relax on a spotless, cleaned and fresh floor.

When your children can lay on the squeaky clean rugs, carpets and floors we clean, you can relax knowing they aren’t rolling around in the last year’s dirt, grime and who knows what else. When we are done your family isn’t breathing in dust mites, unknown critters and allergens and your floor is odor free, clean and fresh smelling. When you see your child lying and relaxing on a fresh clean floor we provide, you can relax too.

We de-grime grout. We rub wood flooring the right way so it has that warm, natural glow. We make your home even more home. We make your life feel good. Our carpet upholstery work is first rate. We protect your family from allergens and bacteria by completely cleaning and disinfecting your flooring surfaces. (We are the supermen of carpet cleaners, the guardians of your galactic home, the, just checking to see if you read this far, Ha)

There is no need to live with dirty rugs, tile or carpets when it is so easy to restore them to a like new condition with our affordable floor cleaning rates.

We can bring the green clean to your home so you know you aren’t breathing bad stuff. Your home is a haven, we understand, we live in one too and we aim to make yours better than new. We have all the best floor cleaning supplies and products available. We can steam clean like a steam roller and bring that dream carpet back to life. With our powerful hot water extraction process almost no water remains in the carpet so it is virtually dry when we leave. We can also provide chem dry carpet cleaning service so there is no residual water. We all this at a price that make sense.

Do you have pets? Have they done what pets do on your beautiful carpet and upholstery? If they could talk they would probably tell us they are sorry. We can undo the doo-doo the dog gone dog done gone and did. (Say that three times!) Has your cool cat done a cat spray on the carpet? Pet urine stains smell bad. Sometimes only your nose knows of the pet odor because the pet soiled on the carpet or upholstery when you were gone.

With our spot spraying treatment guided by black lights we can find the dog gone spots that yelp of a dog put on your fine carpet. We can trace where that bad cat sprayed on your fine upholstery or carpet. When we find it we clean it and treat it so it is like new, sanitized and odor free. This is what a professional carpet cleaning company does on every job.

Has your beautiful white carpet turned into a big red carpet stain cleaning mess with a red wine stain the size of Texas? No worries, even great wine is no match for our carpet cleaning services. And we really hope that wasted wine spill on your carpet was not the really good and rather pricey wine. If a spill has to happen, hopefully it was only table wine.

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Carpet and Rug Cleaning Facts & Truths

To get the best carpet cleaning results it starts with good chemistry and proper pH balance. Sometimes a rotary shampoo process to clean the carpet or rug will be needed for some stained areas.

  • Even natural products are made up of specific chemistry, they’re just natural vs synthetic. We have natural, Eco friendly biodegradable solutions as well as carpet steam cleaning processes that are nontoxic. Who would want to use a toxic chemical to clean in their home?
  • Not all stains, dirt and grime are created equal even though they reside in the good ole US of A here. It takes skill and practical knowledge combined with the right equipment, cleaners and processes. We have years of practical on the job knowledge and experience but we do not stop there. We keep up to date as better cleaning products and processes arrive on the market for use by us professional carpet and floor cleaners.
  • It also takes someone who can identify what type of debris and foreign material needs to be removed. It takes someone who can identify what the base material is made from, what type of fibers for instance, is the carpet or rug made from. Are they natural or synthetic? If synthetic, what is the base chemistry and material? These factors play a big role in how clean the carpet or rugs will be when finished.
  • It is necessary to use the right cleansers which work best with the type of debris and the base material of the carpet or area rug. We know how to do that because we do it every day and are trained to know what combinations should be used for the best possible results.

Most often hot water extraction is the preferred carpet cleaning process but stubborn stains can require different methods of carpet cleaning.

Temperature has a lot to do with how well the cleaning process works. It’s a known fact that increasing the temperature of the water used to clean the carpet by 18 degrees once the temperature is over 118 degrees Fahrenheit will double the speed of the cleaning process. So hotter is a better method for cleaning but it is important not to get too hot so as to damage the carpet itself.

Sometimes a process that uses hot carbonated water extraction often known as Chem Dry is the ticket. The exploding carbonation bubbles help force dirt and grime from the flooring or fiber surface. Sometimes other cleansers are needed, often to remove stained areas but maybe not the whole carpet. We offer cleaning solutions for every type of carpet stain.

The water in our area is pretty hard in general. Therefore softening the water with the addition of alkaline builders improves our cleaning process greatly. Not only does this improve the ability to clean by the water but the detergents will actually work better in a slightly alkaline chemistry. We generally let the pre conditioning solution to dwell and do its work for 10 to 20 minutes for best results. This gives the detergent and water time to suspend the soil off of the carpet fiber.

Water is a valuable resource and we view it as a treasure to be cared for like our children. Drought conditions aside, we always use processes that use the minimum amount of our precious water resource.

We do not waste water. Drought or no drought, We Conserve Water. Period. Why? Our children will need it too!

Call us to schedule a consultation on how to revive soiled carpets and rugs or any other flooring in need of cleaning.​

How Do We Rate to Other Carpet and Floor Cleaning Companies in Santa Clarita?

There is no shortage of carpet cleaning franchises in the area, Coit, Stanley Steamer, Rug Doctor and on and on… There is also the DIY carpet cleaning route where you can go down and rent a carpet cleaning machine at your local big box store. There are a lot of carpet cleaning reviews available on Yelp and Groupon and a plethora of carpet cleaning coupons.

But beware, a lot of companies abuse you with the bait and switch sales tactic. Ask yourself please, can a company stay in business by cleaning a room for $19.95? If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. So don’t waste your valuable time on these outfits.

We bring the big guns to your place and we seriously clean your floors. Truck mounted cleaning equipment is the gold standard in cleaning. This goes for tile and grout cleaning also. Do it yourself carpet cleaning rental machines that can be hauled in your car are lacking in horse power and cleaning power when compared to our nuclear powered (comparatively speaking of course) truck mounted commercial cleaning equipment.

And believe it or not, it takes skill to run a good carpet cleaning company and use the equipment and cleaners properly. Most DIY projects don’t end up so great when compared to our professional carpet cleaning services. How often does a typical Do It Yourself person actually do it compared to our pros who get it right daily? Practice makes perfect and we don’t practice on you, we already did that, now we just get it done right.

If you need to deep clean carpet and upholstery then we are your Mariana Trench.

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Water Damage Restoration
Water damage on carpet can quickly produce a very unhealthy environment. It’s important to remove the water as fast as possible if you have had a water leak on carpet. Mold and bacteria can grow quickly and become a health hazard if not addressed immediately. Not only that but the water can begin to wick up the drywall causing even more problems. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the baseboards and use fans to dry out the water damaged areas.

The sooner the water is removed from the damaged carpet the less the chance for mold and bacteria to grow. If you have a water leak that has saturated the carpet call us as soon as possible.

We can use our powerful water extraction equipment on the carpet to remove any water. Once we remove the water we can clean the carpet also to remove any water stains. We will use our professional carpet cleaning equipment to extract the water so that you don’t have wet carpets and pads. So if you have had flooding on your carpet call us ASAP to remove the water.

How to remove urine odor from carpet?
Pet urine and even human urine can be removed from carpet. Not only does it produce an unhealthy environment if its not treated and removed but it produces a very bad pet odor for your home. We can remove the damage done from urine on your carpet with our cleaning methods and professional strength treatments.

We use commercial grade enzyme based cleaning products to remove any stains and eliminate the pet urine odor at their source. The enzymes are a natural source of odor removal for urine.​ They do not simply mask the odor with a perfume or air freshener. 

Not only does pet odor offend the nose but it can produce an unhealthy environment for you, your family and clients. Harmful bacteria can grow in the carpet fibers and padding. This can produce airborne contaminants right in your home or business which you are breathing in. Let us clean and treat the carpet to remove pet odors.

How To Clean Carpets - Different Carpet Materials?

  • Nylon Carpet makes up about 65% of the carpet that is sold and manufactured in the United States. Nylon boasts very good resiliency to stains and very good abrasion resistance. It makes a great choice for heavy traffic areas because it will hold its shape very well. It is the most durable synthetic material available for large-scale carpet manufacturing. There are two main types of nylon in use, nylon 6 and nylon 6,6.  Nylon 6/6 is the better of the two.
  • Polypropylene or Olefin Carpet makes up about 30% of the carpet sold in the US. The good news about olefin is that it is difficult for a non oil type stain to adhere to it. But polypropylene does have the tendency to readily stain with an oily substance. This material will absorb oils readily. Therefore, the use of cleaning agents and surficants that are oil-based are not recommended for olefin material based carpets.  And it is doubly important that the correct ratio of cleaning agent and water be used. 
  • Polyester Carpet brings up the third place in the synthetic materials for carpet. It is nowhere near as durable as the nylons but it does resist wear fairly well. It’s non allergenic and resists mildew and moisture fairly well at a lower cost than nylon or wool. Some of the carpets are actually made from recycled plastic bottles and turned into carpet so this is a real plus for those who are ecology minded.
  • Wool Carpet is the nicest of the carpet fibers but it is very expensive. It is very resistant to staining and has very good durability.  Another problem with wool is it holds a lot of water compared to the synthetics. So if you live in a humid environment will may not be the best material.

An interesting side story regarding polypropylene carpet fiber occurred during  the time of the oil spill caused by the Exxon Valdez. Because polypropylene has such a affinity for oil, in other words it attracts and absorbs oils easily, it was used to help clean up the oil spilled by the tanker. A savvy gentleman understood this and bought up great quantities of scrap polypropylene and turned it into the fibers and blankets that could be used to absorb oil from the Exxon Valdez.

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What to do while we clean the carpets?

Now wouldn’t it be nice to go and have a nice meal or drink and come home to fresh and clean carpets? There are no end to good places to dine in Santa Clarita, we enjoy Chinese food at the Moon Wok, very nice place. You could even go bowling at the bowling alley on Valencia Boulevard while we do the job, there’s no need to stick around and watch us suck the dirt out of the carpet if you don’t want to!