Castaic, CA Carpet Cleaning - Cleaning Castaic Carpets Carefully and Caringly

Castaic California homeowners deserve clean carpets and floors to make their home life more pleasurable and enjoyable. When you need a Castaic carpet cleaner just give us a call and we will be there before you know it. The many families and executives who call this city home know that they can rely on us when there is a spill or stain that needs to be removed.

​California is known for fine wine but when that red wine spills on your carpet it is no longer fine is it? Don’t worry though, if this happens to you and you have a wine stain remnant in your carpet that won’t come out give us a chance to fix it for you. These types of stains are pretty common and we have a proven track record of removing them.

​So even though this city is at the top of the “grapevine” we know that sometimes grape stains can be really difficult to remove. The longer they stay in the carpet the harder they are to get out. But they are no match for our staff.

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Some fun facts about Castaic California.

Castaic is about the last Los Angeles California suburb on interstate 5 that you pass through when heading north. Just after Castaic you will travel down what locals call the “grapevine” into the San Joaquin Valley. If you’re coming into LA going south on Interstate 5 you will climb the grapevine and Castaic will be the first bigger city that you will encounter. Climbing the grapevine can be pretty tough on a car so make sure the cooling system is working well in the summer.

Castaic originated as a railroad siding and was named Castaic Junction. Beginning around 1915 Castaic Junction would provide gas, food, lodging and water to travelers along the Ridge Route. With the high volume of commercial trucking passing through interstate 5 Castaic now has a major truck stop along i-5.

​With the warm Mediterranean climate Castaic Lake is a popular destination for boaters and fishermen alike.  Being so close to Los Angeles and the sheer number of people puts quite a bit of pressure on this lake with the amount of use that it receives. Pyramid Lake is also a popular destination near Castaic we’re boating swimming and fishing are enjoyed.

The lake is the southern end of the West Branch of the California water project. The water falling into the lake actually powers a 1175 megawatt hydroelectric plant which is located at the north end of Castaic Lake. The city covers about 7 square miles and also encompasses the small city called Val Verde and the Chiquito Canyon area. 

​​By the year 2010 the population was approximately 20000. Nearby is the North County Correctional Facility which is a Los Angeles County Jail. It contains approximately 3800 fully institutionalized inmates. 

Approximately half of the households have children living in them which clearly puts more pressure on carpets and floors while they play and eat on them. The average age though is about 35 years old. About 85% of the homes are owner-occupied while about 16% are rented out.

When traveling southward on I-5 as you just come in to Castaic there are some wonderful views of the Santa Clarita Valley. The area is a fantastic place to live and it’s no wonder so many call it home. With an abundance of fine dining establishments and entertainment there is no shortage of things to do in the valley.