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Carpet Cleaning in Valencia CA professionals to care for your carpets and floors that you and your family live on. We are a local company and take great pride in what we do for your family your home or your business. Keeping floors and carpets clean and hygienic promotes a healthy living environment and happy, healthy people.

This North Los Angeles community is known as a wonderful place to live and we hope to contribute to that by making living spaces more livable and more lovable. There is no need to live with dirty flooring when you can just call us to clean those carpet stains, pet odors and tile and grout stains.

If you have a stain that has been bothering you call us so that we can remove the bother and make life more enjoyable.

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Some "Did You Know" About Valencia California

The wonderful city of Valencia resides in the Santa Clarita Valley with Interstate 5 running right through it. It was originally an independent community with fantastic planning and execution in city creation and building. In 1987 Valencia incorporated with Santa Clarita. Money magazine in 2006 had this to say about Valencia, “one of the top 100 places to live.” that’s a nice top 100 to be in because there’s a lot of nice places to live in America. 

The early history of Valencia California dates back to 1769 with the Portola expedition set out by the Spanish. These were probably the first Europeans in this area of California and they probably found their way through the Newhall pass from the San Fernando Valley. They apparently camped on the Santa Clara River which runs through Valencia and Santa Clarita and into Canyon country.

Modern-day Valencia originated with planning beginning in the 1960s by the Newhall Land and Farming Company. Valencia is blessed with multiple paseos throughout the city as well as all of Santa Clarita. Cyclist and bikers love Valencia and the surrounding cities because they don’t have to ride on the roads with the cars and traffic. These paseos intertwine and connect with the Santa Clara River trail

Not only does Valencia have beautiful homes to live in such as the beautiful development called Bridgeport off Newhall Ranch Road with its wonderful man made lake but the schools are top notch also.  Some tremendous schools are found in Valencia which include the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia High School which has been featured or seen in many movie and television productions. The College of the Canyons also resides in Valencia as well as West Ranch High School.

​Being the wonderful planned community that Valencia is it is often times called with the catchphrase “Built as Promised.” The city is also known as “Awesometown” and the city’s website is unofficially branding itself as such. There is no doubt the Valencia is a wonderful place to live. Being in such close proximity to places such as Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Water Park.

​There are many free events for your entertainment pleasure at the California Institute of the Arts. There are some top notch students and musicians there who will go on to very good professional careers so what a treasure to get to see them.