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Saugus California has no shortage of families, soccer players and kids. So when you need a Saugus carpet cleaner give us a call to take care of the problem stains and spots.

​Kids can be hard on the floors and carpets no matter how hard they try not to. Every parent knows that kids tend to live in the moment and don’t think as much about what they’re doing as an adult would. So what happens, carpets get stained.

We know that this isn’t intentional but it does happen to pretty much every family who lives on a floor, which means all of them.

When you add pets to the mix then you know for sure there’s going to be an accident at some point between the kids and pets. It’s just inevitable that that Kool Aid is going to hit your carpet or rug or the dog is going to have an accident. And we all know that cats have a tendency to spray and you never know what happens until your nose tells you.

So if your nose is telling you there may be an odor that you need to get rid of and you own cats and dogs and have children we just might be your ticket to take care of the problem. So give us a call and our office staff we’ll get you set up with an appointment to have your carpets and floors cleaned.

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Some facts about Saugus California you may not have known.

Who named the city of Saugus? It was Henry Newhall who also is the namesake of the city of New Hall south of Saugus. Henry Newhall was born in Saugus Massachusetts and apparently had a soft spot for this name because he named what is now Saugus California by the name Saugus. 

Some statistics 4th August are as follows. In 2000 the population in Saugus was a little over 40,000 people with 218 people per square mile. The average age is 32.8 years reflecting its vibrant inactive population. 

What is the average number of people living per household in Saugus? It is 3.1. Approximately two-thirds of the population is married and the median income per house is about $81,000 a year. There are not too many rentals in Saugus, rentals comprise only about 15% of the dwellings. The average house price is about a half a million dollars and about 80% of the homes in Saugus are owner-occupied.

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Santa Clarita Saugus is home for many a happy family.